Gingerbread Man Tutu Dress

GINGERBREAD man tutu dress

Tutu dresses aren't just for Halloween, friends! They are for birthday parties, photoshoots, weddings, and regular 'ol Wednesdays! This sweet Gingerbread Man tutu dress is perfect for Christmas pictures.

Adorable, huh? It couldn't be easier, either!

The supplies I used are shown above. I used a chocolate 8" lined crochet headband, three and a half rolls of chocolate tulle, a spool of red 7/8" grosgrain ribbon, white ric rac, two white pom pom balls, scissors, a tape measure, glue, and a crochet hook (not pictured). Everything except the ric rac, pom poms, scissors, and glue can be found on our website. To get the tape measure and crochet hook, check out our Tutu Making Kit.

I wanted my tutu to be about 15" long. I found a box that is 15.5" long when it's flattened. I wrapped an entire spool of tulle around the box and cut ONLY one end. This left me with strands of tulle about 31" long, which is exactly what I needed.

To attach the tulle, you first need to locate the first hole. Look at the photos above for guidance. Fold a strand of tulle in half and pull it through the hole a few inches. Take the two ends of the tulle and pull them down, through the tulle loop. (Don't overthink this! See this tutorial for better pics of this step.) Continue around the dress. I like to make my dresses with two layers of tulle. I think the fluff is perfect that way. So just go up one hole and start again. See the photo above.

Once your dress is made, it's time to embellish.

gingerbread diy tutu dress

Do your own thing if you want. There are no rules here! I glued two strips of ric rac down the front of the dress. Normally I'd use fabric glue or stitch them on, but this time I used a glue gun since that's what I had on hand. Since I used a lined tutu top, I wasn't concerned about anything being itchy or going through to the inside of the dress.

I took a verrrrrry long strand of red ribbon (3-4' probably) and weaved it in and out of each hole. I wanted a slight red accent on the dress and this seemed like a good way to go about doing this. You could add tulle or wrap the ribbon a different way or even add a real red belt. Again, there are no rules!! The last step was gluing on the two pom pom buttons.

This dress came together pretty quickly and turned out pretty cute! I'd love to see it featured in some Christmas pictures! Or we also carry Christmas outfits perfect for pics if you aren't up for making your own tutu dress! If you make this, please share pictures. And if you have any questions while crafting, ask me at

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