DIY Wild Things Costumes

Get ready for a simple costume idea that is fun and creative!! This is the perfect costume for Storybook Character Day at school too! Take a walk down memory lane and visit your friend Max and his Wild Things!

diy wild things costume

All you need for this costume is ribbon, tulle, headband, cardboard, and felt. Sounds simple enough, huh?

Make a tail out of the tulle. I used 6" strips of brown and antique gold tulle. I used about twice as many brown strips as antique gold so the tail would be mostly brown. If you need a good tail making tutorial, check out this one I posted last year for a fox tail. It is extremely simple, just a tad time consuming. Put on some Netflix and start tying. You'll be done before you know it!

The ears are made of a hard headband and felt. I drew some basic horns on a piece of felt, folded it over, and cut. I sandwiched the headband in the felt and glued it in place. Don't overthink this... wild things don't have perfect horns. I added some strands of brown tulle around the headband to make it look a bit like a mane.

I accidentally made the crown a bit too big for my model, but I think it looks adorable propped crooked on her head. Max has a very specific looking yellow crown, so be sure to Google (or look in the book!) as you're creating this. I drew one on poster board, cut it out, glued yellow felt to it (it took two sheets), and then trimmed the tulle.

The rest of the costume was made with random items from Walmart. Target actually has a Wild Things lines right now so we were able to snatch an adorable top for the monster. But if you don't have access to one, anything tan, yellow, orange, red, or striped will work perfectly!

I cut some tan circles of felt and attached them to a tan t-shirt so that it would somewhat resemble Max's pajamas.

The important thing to remember with homemade costumes is that things don't have to be perfect. Focus on a few defining details and then just fill in the details with what you have on hand. 

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