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Lace Pearl & Rhinestone Boho Headband

Lace Pearl & Rhinestone Boho Headband

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Connected decorative ovals of embroidered light ivory thread on a fine netting background with 3 rhinestones lined across the center of each oval, and a pearl accent where each oval meets. The ends of the decorative part of the headband are connected by a satin elastic ribbon, with the same elastic ribbon covering the connection on each end for a seamless transition.

Each decorative oval measures approximately 2 3/8" x 1 3/4", with the lace portion of the headband measuring approximately 11.5" across. The elastic ribbon measures about 8 1/2" long relaxed, giving the entire headband a circumference of about 20 inches when relaxed, and may be either white or black, depending on the batch and the manufacturer's available materials.

This headband should fit most children and adults, though may be a little large for infants.

(Hint: For use with infants, either knot the back of the elastic headband to shorten for a comfortable fit, or cut and hot glue the new seam together, with a bit of the extra covering the seam in the same manner as lace-to-elastic transition.)

As all darling heads are unique, please be sure to measure before purchase to ensure a proper fit.

*Contains small parts that can be swallowed if detached. Please supervise small children while they wear this headband.*

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