We {Heart} Summer

Welcome to summer, friends! There is a new plan for the blog this summer and I think you'll be super excited about it.

There are some mothers out there who have that special touch... they can style their little girl's hair into fantastic twists and curls without a fuss. Then there are people like me. I can hardly put my own hair in a ponytail, much less a wiggly toddler! I cannot be the only one.

So we have enlisted the help of a hair stylist to come in and teach us a thing or two about hair styles for little girls. In addition to our Thursday posts, each Tuesday we will be posting step by step instructions for a new adorable style.

Our hope is that you can use your relaxed summer schedule to practice a couple new hairdos on your sweetie. You'll be a pro by the time school rolls around this fall! Just imagine... a school picture day without stress?!?

Those posts will begin this Tuesday. In the meantime, we'll leave you with this beautifully dreamy photo of a homemade baby mobile. This was made using felt, string, and our Crochet Hearts.

diy mobile idea

Thanks to blogger Astrid for creating this beautiful piece! You can use our crochet hearts to try your hand at something like this!

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