Watermelon Tutu

Sometimes we sit around our office and come up with totally bizarre costume ideas. Usually the weird ones don't actually happen, but sometimes they do.

diy tutu dress

Today's tutorial is for a somewhat random costume. Maybe it was the Texas heat, but for some reason we were feeling inspired to create a Watermelon Fairy Costume. It turned out really cute. But if you want something slightly less random, here is the tutorial for a watermelon tutu!

Supplies: Tulle (red, green, and black), 7/8" grograin ribbon (you can use any color but I thought the pop of black was perfect), scissors, tape measure.

To complete the look, add a red petti romper, a green Kufi hat, and some red 3/8" grosgrain ribbon. (If you want to make this into a tutu dress instead of a ribbon tie tutu, use a crochet headband as the bodice and follow the instructions here.)

Ribbon tie tutus are really easy. Check out the pictures above. Cut your tulle to size. DOUBLE THE LENGTH! I knew I wanted a tutu about 20" long, so I cut my tulle strands about 40" long. (The easiest way to cut a lot of tulle at once is by wrapping the spool around a flattened box and cutting one end. I use a box about 20.5" wide when flattened. Wrap wrap wrap. Cut one end. Ta-da! 41" strands!)

Cut a strand a ribbon for the waistband. I make mine about 4 feet longer than the measurement of the waist. This leaves plenty of extra to tie a big bow around her waist.

Fold a strand of tulle in half and attach it like the images above show. Keep attaching until you have the waist size that you need.

For the green "rind" of the watermelon, I cut 6" strands of tulle. (See above. I used a Crayola box to wrap wrap wrap. I cut one end and got 12" strips. Then I cut those in half.) Just tie a strand to the bottom of each red piece. Nothing fancy, just tie it.

I also cute 6" strands of black tulle and randomly tied them around the dress to look like seeds. They don't show up very well in the picture but they were adorable in person! Maybe I'd add more next time.

Want to create a Watermelon Fairy? Because every little girl LOVES wings!

a collage of a person in a red dress and a green tutu

Cute cute cute!

If you have any questions while crafting, feel free to email me at ruffles@thehairbowcompany.com

If you need more costume ideas, check out our Costume Making Guide.

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