Vineyard Wedding with a THBC Touch!

There are several photographers that we work with in order to keep our website looking fresh, beautiful, and up to date! Several months ago, one of them contacted us to let us know she would be shooting a wedding and the bride was interested in a few of our products. AWESOME!!

bridal hair

The photos from this wedding are stunning! Head to Anne's Facebook page to look through them or to see some of her work. (Here.) We are honored to have been a part of it and we can't stop looking at these gorgeous pics!!

flower girl dress

The sweet flower girl wore our lavender Lace Petti Dress. This dress is $13.99 (about $80 cheaper than any other flower girl dress I've seen!) and it looks absolutely amazing. In this particular dress, I recommend ordering a size up so it lays nicely on her. The soft color and the layers of lace made it a perfect choice for a flower girl. 

bridal hair flower clips

If you look in the hair of all of the bridesmaids, each of them have a purple Vintage Blossom clipped into their updo. These flower clips are only $1 but they look wonderful! This flower is a customer (and company!) favorite since it is cute on little girls, but chic enough to be clipped into hair of all ages! We've seen them used to embellish bags, add interest to tutu dresses, and clipped into headbands. They are the perfect flower clip!

Buying wholesale priced items does not mean your end product will look cheap! Just take the time to find something that fits your style and enhances the overall look. If you need any assistance matching your items or helping to fulfill your vision, give us a call. We're glad to help!

-Lace Petti Dress

-Vintage Blossom Flower Clip

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