Two New (Grown Up) Hairdos!

*Contest is now closed. Congrats to Amanda!

Thanks to Jamie at Awesomely Awkward.

We recently sent a few of our goodies over to Jamie, fashion blogger at Awesomely Awkward, to see what she could do with them. It's always fun to see our items in grown up hair!

This is what we sent her. You can check out her blog for how she styled each piece, but we'll show you our two favorites!

simple hair style

Clockwise from top, left:
Rhinestone Centered Camellia, Glamour Bow, Glitz Bow, Vintage Blossom, Feather Petal Flower

Look how fantastic this style is with the Glamour Bow!

simple hair style

Not the best photo, but you get the picture. It's adorable, right?

Of course we all can't have hair as fabulous as Jamie's, but we can try! She gave us a little tutorial on how to use the Rhinestone Centered Camellia in a messy bun.

-Pull hair up into a high pony. The last go round don't pull the hair all the way through. Leave at least a couple inches of "tail."
-Take the tail and wrap it around the little bun you have made. Pin into place.
-Pull out bangs or random sections.
-Then place the flower in...wherever you want really.

simple hair stylesimple hair style

She makes it look so easy.

What do you think? Can you pull that off? Do you have any other grown-up styles that could use a THBC touch?

We'd like you to put our products to the test. If you're up for the challenge, leave a comment below and we'll send one of you two bows or flower clips of YOUR choice to test in your grown up hair!

One comment per person, please. Winner will be chosen on Monday and contactly directly.

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