Tulle Puff Tutorial

A couple weeks ago we held a summer photo shoot with some lovely little girls. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some images, tutorials, and party planning tips here on our blog. You'll definitely want to stay tuned, because there are some adorable things ahead!

First up! A tulle puff tutorial.

diy party decor

These puffs are simple to make and since you can create them with any color of tulle, they are perfect for your next party. Create different sizes and bundle several colors together.

diy party decor

We chose to create puffs in coral, aqua, and peach. The combination looked soft and beachy!

Wrap your tulle around a piece of cardboard. The diameter of your puff will end up being about the width of your cardboard. We used a rectangular piece of cardboard that was about 15" x 7". To make larger puffs, we wrapped an entire spool of tulle longways. For the smaller puffs, we used about a quarter of the spool and wrapped it around the shorter length.

When you wrap about a third of the spool around the cardboard, cut it. Curve your cardboard a bit so that you can pull the wrapped tulle off, careful to keep it from unrolling. Take a length of tulle and tie it around the middle of your wrapped tulle. You can use a really long strand of tulle for this and then use the ends to hang the puff.

Once it's tied, cut the loops on each side. Then fluff the tulle. You will need to play with it for a bit to get it to lay how you'd like it to.

This is seriously one of the easiest crafts you can make and they look absolutely adorable. I think a series of ivory and coral ones would look stunning at an outdoor wedding. We'd love to see how you craft and display them!



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