Tulle Puff Headband

When I found out that we would be carrying tulle, my wheels started turning. So many crafts begin with tulle! What would I craft first? Would I need to enlist the help of craftier people? (Probably.)

I was playing around the other day and made this fun headband. I think this would be absolutely darling on a little girl! And there are endless color combination possibilities.

Check it out!

diy tulle puff headband

The steps are a breeze. Just choose your headband (I selected a silver glitter headband) and your tulle (I chose coral) and grab a pair of scissors.

The first thing you need to do is cut a length of tulle about a foot long. You'll need it later but your hands will be occupied and it will be difficult to cut at that point. Don't ask me how I know that.

Wrap the roll of tulle around your four fingers. Stretch your fingers out if you want a bigger puff. Wrap it until it looks full, this is completely a personal preference thing. I am not going to tell you how much to do, I don't know you! I will tell you that I think I wrapped it about 20 times, but I didn't actually count.

Cut the tulle. Lay your wrapped tulle down on your strip of tulle and then lay the headband on top of the tulle. Still with me? Tie the strip of tulle around the headband so that it is attaching the rolled tulle to the top. See the image for this so that it makes sense.

Tie it back up around the top and knot it in place. Try to make your knot as tight as possible so it is tiny and doesn't make your puff look funny!

Cut the folds of the tulle. You'll need to do this in several batches unless you are The Hulk. Once it is cut, you'll need to fluff the tulle with your fingers to make it puffy and fun.

diy tulle puff headband

So fun, right? Get to work, your daughter needs one of these!

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