Tulle Puff Bunny Tail

Get your little munchkin ready for Easter with this adorable DIY. Create a soft tulle puff bunny tail for your daughter to tie on for pictures, egg hunts, or pretend play!

diy tulle puff bunny tail

If you're in a pinch or prefer the look of a tulle tail, here are 6 simple steps.

1. Gather your supplies. You'll need a roll of tulle (we used half of a roll), scissors, and a piece of cardboard or a book. Cut a length of tulle about 4' and set aside. This will be used as the waistband. If you are unsure about the length, use our waist guide to help and then add an extra 1-2' to either side for the bow.


2. Wrap the tulle around the cardboard. The width of your cardboard will be the width of your tulle puff.

3. Carefully pull the wrapped tulle off of the cardboard. Don't let it unravel.

4. Take the length of tulle you set aside and fold it in half to find the middle. Tie it around your tulle bundle.

5. Once it is securely knotted, cute the loops of tulle on each side.

6. Fluff!

diy bunny tail

Super easy and so adorable.

Want other tulle crafting ideas? Check our Tulle Love Pinterest board! You can buy tulle here in tons of colors for a low price.

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