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Summer is upon us, which means it's time to pin a bunch of ideas to your "Activities To Do With the Kids" Pinterest board. Go ahead and add this craft to your list. It goes really well with that other activity that is on every mom's summer to-do list... reading!

diy tulle puff

I have a nice step-by-step photo tutorial below. If one of the steps doesn't make sense, just scroll down to the picture. Hopefully it'll all be crystal clear!

1. Gather your supplies. All you need is tulle and scissors. You can use one color or several colors. Our tulle puff headband has been extremely popular, so I stuck with that color combination for this craft too.

2. Line up the three ends of tulle together. (Or two ends. Or one strand. Whatever you decide.)

3. Cut a length about 18" long. I cut mine about a foot long and it was too short. Don't make my mistake. You can always trim the excess but you can't make it grow! Set those three strands aside for later.

4. Grab the spools of tulle and find the ends again. Line 'em up.

5. Wrap the tulle around your hand. Not too tight, not too loose. I think I did about five wrap-arounds and then cut it. (If you are using two spools of tulle, wrap more. If you are using one spool, wrap a lot more!)

6. Secure that little bundle of tulle by tying the long strands of tulle (from step 3) around it. Be sure to knot it tight.

7. Cut the loops on the tulle bundle to make a puff. It will look a bit wonky, so trim it up so it looks like a sphere.

8. You could leave the three strands of tulle straight if you want, but I chose to braid them. I'm always a fan of braided tulle. The vibrant colors look so fun when they are combined!

9. Grab your spools of tulle again and make another little tulle bundle, just like you did in step five. Secure it with the end of the braided tulle. Cut the loops and reshape the puff.

10. Ta- da!! All done!

diy bookmark

Think about all the fun color combinations you could make! Princess colors, school colors, team colors. Your son's favorite colors, your daughter's favorite colors, YOUR favorite colors. Teacher gifts! A fun little extra birthday gift to go along with a favorite book! Make one for your planner. Make several for your kid's bedside table. These are just so fun!!

Also, you don't have to put a puff at the bottom. You can just make the braid and knot it and call it a day! Play around with it and make something fun this summer!

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