Tulle Garland

easy diy tulle garland

Once upon a time we hosted this really fabulous tutu themed party. It was adorable. All the food and drink was pink and fluffy and precious. The decor was tulle overload! I created a couple strands of tulle garland but photos of them didn't really make them look that great.

A long strand was hanging in front of the food table. It looked fabulous in person but the pictures made it blend in with the table cloth. (You can click over to see.) I also hung a tiny strand behind the drink table. Again, looked great in person! But since it was right in front of a window, it looked blah in the pictures.

I also created a strand of tulle garland to use in our Halloween decor. Pretty cute huh?

I wanted to give the garland a little more attention. It is a craft you can whip up in a matter of a few minutes. You can choose any color scheme you'd like! And it's cheap. Easy, quick, customizable, and cheap. That's a winning combination right there!

All you need are tulle and scissors. You could use a tape measure if you'd like, but I just eyeball everything.

The steps are so easy.

Decide where your garland will hang and cut a length of tulle that will drape nicely in front of that spot. I always add about 6" so I can tie loops at the end for easy hanging. We will call this STRAND A.

Cut shorter lengths of tulle for the garland. If you want your garland to be about 9" long, then cut strands 18" long. I like two strands per garland puff (Is there a technical term for that?!) but you can do one or three or whatever. I won't tell you how to live your life! We will call these STRAND Bs.

In another color (I use the same as the color of the loooooong strand), cut some 6"strands of tulle. We will call these STRAND Cs.

Sorry there aren't any pictures of these steps. I just really think you are smart enough to figure this out. Stack two pieces of STRAND B and fold them over STRAND A. Use a STRAND C to tie STRAND B in place, about two inches down from the top. I like to loop STRAND C around itself a few times to make the color more vibrant. You could trim the excess after you knot it, but I like to keep mine long.

This can be adapted to any party theme. This would even look precious in a nursery along an accent wall. Have fun with it, friends!

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