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diy tulle bow headband

When I sat down to craft the tulle puffs last week, I happened upon a lovely accident. I first started with the gray tulle because I thought it looked glamorous paired with a black glitter headband. After wrapping the tulle around my hands and tying it in place, I realized it resembled an adorable bow.

So for your further tulle crafting pleasure, here are two more simple hair accessories you can make with tulle!

You start the same way we did with the puff last week. (Here.) Wrap the tulle around your four fingers over and over and over. Do this as many times as you want based on how full you want your bow to be. If you have an occasional fold or twist in your tulle while wrapping, you'll end up with the look above. If you keep the tulle completely straight and twist-free, you'll end up with the look below.

Once you get it as full as you'd like, cut the tulle. Wrap a short length of tulle around the middle to tie it in place. Flip it over and you'll see that you have something that resembles a bow.

I decided to tie my gray bow onto a headband and then attach a decorative rhinestone, and I LOVE how it turned out. But I also thought it would be cute to have a simple bow on an alligator clip.

diy tulle bow

Again, this is done exactly the same way as before. The only difference here is that I tied it onto a clip instead of a headband. How sweet would that be in your daughter's ponytail?

Each of these only took a couple minutes to craft and a very small amount of tulle! I hope you like them.

diy tulle bow



-rhinestone center

-alligator clip

-glitter headband

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