The Best Baby Shower Gift Ever!

Are you pregnant with a baby girl or attending the baby shower of someone who is? Perfect! These are for you.

Our sweet little monthly onesie models turned one this month and in celebration, we are marking our monthly onesies and monthly onesie sets way down. So snag a set now! Or grab the individuals in 3, 6, 9, and 12 to track milestones. Or choose whatever combination you want!

The individual onesies are $5.50 each (available in pink glitter and hot pink zebra), and the complete set is $65! We have a large assortment of different baby onesies.

I don't think you can really grasp the cuteness of these until you see how perfect a full year of photos is.

I mean really. How cute! Isn't is adorable to see their personalities come out a little more each month? What a treasure for a parent to keep something like this!

baby monthly onesies

Both of these sweeties are showing off all of their THBC hair accessories as well. And Miss Dahlia (second set of pics) is wearing a first birthday tank to coordinate, plus a fluffy pettiskirt, legwarmers, and funky ostrich puff.

We are so in love with these photos. If you are taking a series of photos using our onesies, please share them with us!

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