The 30 Minute Super Hero Costume DIY

a person in a garment

Hey y'all!  If you are reading this and are like's 10 days before Halloween and you're still wondering how you are going to pull off making your kiddo a costume for Halloween...(no shame there, you are my people, I get it :))...we have the PERFECT tutu tutorial for you!  It's easy, quick, cute...AND even better, your daughter will remember it forever!  

Seriously, this simple tulle and ribbon tutu is probably one of my favorites I've ever made putting our products together.  Since we had gotten this gold dot tulle in, I had been itching to craft with it.  

So this post is going to be short and sweet.  It's a 30 minute tutu right?!? You can do this!  

a person in a garment

Really, you can make up your own super hero colors (we think pink, purple and yellow would be an awesome combo!), these are the suggested colors we used in this costume shown.  


1 roll red gold dot tulle

1 roll shimmer yellow tulle

1 roll of royal blue tulle 

1 roll of red 1.5" grosgrain ribbon

1 roll of royal blue grosgrain ribbon

1 roll of yellow grosgrain ribbon



Sequin Hair Bow

Shirt (We would have used our icing shirts had we not been sold out! Grab one for this if you can.  It will be super cute!)

Let's get started. 



Step 1


Make your ribbon tie tutu by following the instructions here. We already have a tutorial for this.  It takes about 30 minutes to make.  Rotate the colors in a pattern (red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, etc.) Cut ribbon using the same method you used  to cut tulle strips and add them to the tutu in a random fashion. 

*Tip: (To save time: I personally ignored the *Don't cut it all at once since you don't know how many 9, 11, and 14 inch pieces you'll need.* I wanted this to be fast. To speed it up, I used the cardboard method of cutting tulle discussed in practically all of our other blog posts. Here's a great one if you aren't familiar with how to cut tulle) I had a few pieces left, but I saved them to make some adorable tulle bows. 


Step 2: 

Find a friend with a Cricut or Silhouette to design a vinyl cutout for you and add it to your shirt. My amazing sister in law does these, so I texted her my idea, and she was able to whip it up for me in an afternoon. Ah-maz-ing.  

a group of women in clothing


Step 3: 

Give your daughter her tutu, shirt and a cape and mask and a trick or treating bag and let her inner superhero fly!

Head out the door for a night of fun, wipe your brow mama, sneak some candy because you can relax now!  That's all there was to that!   Easy peasy, right?!?

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