Ten Reasons to Love The Hair Bow Company

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Hello lovely customers and curious Pinterest visitors! Let me introduce myself.

I am Chelsea, marketing extraordinaire and general doer of many things. I have worked here for about two and a half years. I have a husband, two sons, and zero daughters. "No girls and you work at The Hair Bow Company??" you ask. Yes. And its fabulous.

This is a great place and I think it's high time we talk about why!

1. The people. We are all real live, awesome people. If you want to talk to someone, you can pick up the phone and speak to a real person who works here. You can email a real person. You can tweet or Facebook a real person. A real person will package your order and then a real person will ship it. And every single one of those people CARE. 

2. Variety. We know we can't be everything to everyone, but we do our best to make your life easier. You wanted birthday shirts, so we designed some. You wanted EVEN BIGGER BOWS, so we got the biggest bows we could find. You wanted to make your own tutus, so we started supplying tulle. Now you can get clothing, headbands for girls, bows, other accessories, and craft supplies (like crochet tutu tops!) all in one pretty spot!

3. The awesome prices. If you are already a customer, I'm preaching to the choir. You know. And most likely, that's why you started shopping with us to begin with. If you just happened to wander over here and this is the first thing you're seeing, go browse. Why do I love the prices? Because it makes our items easy to sell! Maybe your daughter will love to play dress up with a tutu, maybe she won't. But you can afford to give it a shot if you're only paying 4 bucks!

4. The friendly community. We have a pretty awesome following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter. By "awesome," I don't mean "huge numbers." By "awesome," I mean YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. You are kind, funny, friendly, and you have the cutest kids!

5. Your kids. Our customers have the cutest kids on the internet. We are honored when you chose OUR bow or OUR lace romper for your daughter's photos. And we absolutely love it when you share those photos with us. We appreciate when you tag us in your Instagram photos or post your pictures on our Facebook wall. We love that you submit your photos to our photo contest! Your children make us smile every single day and make us so happy to stock our baby boutique with the best items for them!.

6. Feedback. We are so lucky to have customers who talk to us. You love the shabby flowers but wish we had a few options with clips already attached? Done. The vintage lace flower headbands are gorgeous but you would rather have it as a flower... and in a variety pack? Done and done. Here's the thing: We can't give you what you want if you don't tell us what you want. So feel free to write a note on our Facebook wall (or heck, email me directly!) and let us know what you want!

7. Another giveaway?! In addition to our monthly photo contest, we give goodies away almost weekly. Where? When? If you don't know, you need to up your game! If we give away a pettiskirt on Instagram, we aren't going to announce it on Facebook. So be sure you're following us on all platforms so you can win some loot!

8. All that... and more! If this is your first time to visit our blog, kick back and stay awhile. Our blog is our happy place. It's our place to craft, to play around with party decor, to find another use for tulle without feeling the need to sell sell sell. Our blog is meant to be a pretty spot for you to gather ideas or a little bit of inspiration.

9. Options galore. We're online only, so shipping is obviously important. What if you're in no hurry? Or what if you're in the biggest hurry ever and need your items, like, yesterday? Or what if you live around the corner from our office and hate to pay for shipping? We have options for you!

10. Personality. Have you ever had a joke written on your packing slip? Was there a picture of a unicorn drawn on your box? Or did you place your order and receive your goodies without a hiccup? All of these things happen because our walls are bursting with cool people. We beg you to write fun comments on your orders or send us awesome mail. We know you're cool too. So let's just be friends already!

I'm pleased as punch to tell you that it took me no time to think of those ten things. Honestly. In a world full of crappy work environments and businesses who have forgotten that their customers are the only reason they are open, this place is a refreshing change! Here's what it boils down to, friends. We know you have choices when you are shopping and we are honored each and every time you choose us. It's a privilege to provide the outfit your 3 year old wears in your Christmas card picture or the headband your newborn wears on the way home from the hospital. Because you choose us, we choose to spend every day finding ways to make ourselves even better. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the chance to do that!

We'd love to know why you love us or what you think we could do better. Feel free to leave us a comment below. If you'd like me to contact you, just let me know and I'll be in touch!

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