Sweet Embroidered Shirt

I wouldn't call this a tutorial since we aren't exactly teaching you anything, but I will call it inspiration. We have tons of adorable shabby flowers available on our website. They make adorable clips when glued to an alligator clip or snap clip. They also make precious headbands!

We recently discovered that they also make perfect t-shirt embellishments!

diy embroidered shirt

This sweet shirt uses just 3 shabby flowers, embroidery floss, an embroidery hoop, and a needle.

diy embroidered shirt

Even though one of our employees can embroider like a champ, it's not technically our area of expertise. I recommend using YouTube for simple embroidery tutorial if you'd like to create a cute top like this. You can use some of our seasonal shabby flowers to make a cute Halloween shirt like we did, or browse or normal selection of shabbies for a cute, everyday top.

As always, please share pics! We'd love to see your creations!

-Halloween Shabby Flowers
-Petite Shabby Flowers
-Large Printed Shabby Flowers
-Large Polka Dot Shabby Flowers

-Large Solid Shabby Flowers

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