Superman Tutu Dress Tutorial

This contest is over. Congrats to Jessica!

This costume has to be one of my favorites! This little model was the perfect reason to craft this dress. In a family of three girls, she has to resort to using a kitchen apron as a cape whenever she needs to save the world. When she saw this costume, her eyes lit up. A real cape! With a tutu! Heaven!

diy superhero tutu dress

This costume is made from an 8" crochet headband, about 3-4 spools of red tulle, a small length of yellow tulle, a cape, and two knot bows.

I made the tutu dress using the traditional crochet headband method (found here) and did two layers of red tulle. I made the strips about 36" long so that my tutu dress was about 18" long. You can adjust this based on your daughter's height and comfort. I looped a long strand of yellow tulle through a hole in the back of the dress. Once she put the dress on, I tied the yellow belt around the front of her.

We gave her an adorable red and blue cape, and clipped two of our red and blue collegiate knot bows into her pigtails. She was instantly a super hero! An absolutely adorable superhero!

diy superhero tutu dress

If your daughter can't decide between costumes this Halloween, consider creating her a custom dress that allows her crime-fighting side to mix with her princess side!

We'd love to give this dress away but we sent it home with our model. She needed to save the world and she needed this dress to do it. You can create your own very easily though. Just choose your own character and follow our tutorial. And then show us pics!

We WILL, however, give away a cape!! Just leave a comment below to enter. We will draw a name next week.

-8" Crochet Headband

-Knot Bows

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