Summer Party Food

Summer is upon us and it is time to entertain those kiddos! Invite a few friends over for a bright and cheerful summer party.

summer party planning

For our party, we invited a lovely gaggle of girls over to dress in adorable outfits and have a blast! For lunch we served corn dogs, hot dogs, and fruit with bright bottled drinks and lemonade to drink. The paper straws made for a festive touch. We had Goldfish and popcorn available for snacking throughout the day.

summer party planning

And an entire table was devoted to fun candy treats. We went to a local old fashioned candy shop to load up on interesting treats that matched our color scheme. You should have seen the girls' eyes light up when they saw that table! It sure was nice sugaring them up and then sending them home with their mamas!

candy and party favors

The only homemade item was the cupcakes, and even then we used a box mix. Our goal was to see if we could throw a fabulous party without the stress of spending a fortune or DIYing absolutely everything under the sun. Moms. I think it is safe to say that it can be done!

party cupcakes

summer party drinks

summer party planning

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