Spooky Halloween Wreath

Everybody loves a good holiday wreath, right? I love that we live in a world that makes wreathes for all occasions, not just Christmas. It keeps things fun and festive! 

We had a couple natural grapevine wreathes laying around the office. They were used in a couple photos last Christmas but we knew there was more potential.

diy wreath

Spray paint is amazing. Seriously.

We forgot to take a "before" shot of the wreath but you can see it in some old Christmas photos like this.

diy wreath

Cute, but plain. And definitely not spooky.

I used chalkboard spray paint only because I knew I wanted a black wreath and our store only offered it in a glossy finish. I preferred a matte finish for this project so I went with chalkboard paint.

Take your wreath outside and spray the entire thing. You'll need to give it a few minutes to dry before you flip it over and spray the other side. Repeat this until it looks nice and black. Be sure you spray from different directions so that you get in between all of the vines and get good coverage. It only took me two coats on each side.

Once it is good and dry, loosely wrap it in tulle. Make it messy!

When you're satisfied with the tulle, attach a selection of spooky black flowers. I used the vintage blossoms, which are only $1 each!

diy wreath

I love love love the look of this wreath. I ended up making two since they looked so good. The smaller one is pictured above, hanging on the wall. The larger one is below and has a few other black flowers attached in addition to the vintage blossom. We just propped it up against the door.

diy wreath

The beautiful thing is that we can still reuse this wreath if we want to. We can spray it again and use it for Christmas! And then again for Easter!

See what you can come up with and, as usual, share photos with us!

-Vintage Blossom
-Organza, Feather, and Glitter Flowers

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