Spider Girl Tutu

I think we can all agree that superhero love isn't just for boys! Little girls are wearing capes and flying around their houses to rescue their dolls from impending doom. And, well, we think that's just awesome.

To show our support for all of the super-heroines out there, we made this fantastic Spider Girl Tutu.

a couple girls in garment

It's a simple ribbon-tie tutu paired with a coordinating shirt, topped off with some bows.

If you have never made a ribbon-tie tutu, it's simple. Follow the instructions on that post. I used a black 7/8" grosgrain ribbon, cut about 69" long. I wanted the waist to be about 21" for my four year old model, and I always add about two feet to each side for the tie.

I wanted the tutu to be nice a fluffy so I used two spools of both red and blue tulle, all strands cut about 40" so that the tutu would be about 19" long. (You always cut your tulle twice as long as you want your tutu to be-- and then add an inch or two for the knot.)

Knot the tulle onto the ribbon the way it shows in the tutorial above. Once it was attached, I decided it need a little something more. I cut 5" strips of black tulle and knotted them on the bottom of each strip of red and blue tulle. I think the black knots gave it a nice "web" look.

a girl in a dress

If any of that is unclear, or if you have any other tutu-making questions, you can email me directly at ruffles(@)thehairbowcompany.com. (Remove parenthesis.)

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