So Very Pinteresting!

Giveaway is now closed!

First of all, congrats to Abigail and Jacquie! They were chosen as the winners of our Spring Wreath Giveaway. They have both been contacted and we'll be sending them their fun wreaths to display in their homes!

And since we apparently like to give things away around here, we have a fun little challenge for you. This is really only for the social media savvy people out there, sorry!

It seems that no matter how busy I am, I find a few minutes to check in with Pinterest each day. There is just something addicting about having all of these beautiful photos, tips, recipes, and stores at my fingertips!

Here is your challenge: Pin at least 5 items from our website. They can be the actual photos from our site, a picture of your child, or a tutorial of a DIY using our products. Just be sure it links back to our website.

You can pin them to an old board or create a new board for all of your THBC faves, it's entirely up to you! You have a week to come up with your 5 pins, then send us a link to your board so we can check it out. Bonus points if you follow us at @thehairbowco.

What will you win: One of you will win a $25 gift certificate to our website! (It is pretty crazy how many goodies you can buy with just $25 around here.) We may also randomly decide to send a few of you an item from your wishlist!

Send us your links by 3/7/12 to be entered to win the gift certificate. Have fun with it. This is your way of showing us what your favorite items are so we can get a better idea of your taste!

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