Simple Small Braid Tutorial

Last week we posted a great French braid tutorial. But what if that's just not your thing? Maybe your daughter loves braids but won't sit still long enough for a French braid. Maybe your fingers just can't seem to get the hang of how much hair to pick up each time and you end up with a lumpy braid that looks NOTHING like a princess.

We hear ya. Let's just try a simple braid this week, okay?

easy hair tutorial

Brush her hair using detangling spray if needed. Part hair slightly to the side. Take section of hair from the front of the head on the side with more hair. It should be about about 2 inches down her part and about an inch down her forehead.

simple braid tutorial

Comb the section of hair in the direction you want the braid to lay until it is smooth. Divide it into three equal sections.

simple braid tutorial


simple braid

Begin your braid. Take the section of hair from one side and bring it over the middle piece, making it the new middle piece. Now take the section from the other side and bring it over the middle piece, making it that new middle piece.

*Stylist Tip: Braid hair in the direction you want it to lay. If you do not do this, your braid will lump at the starting point when you add the flower clip.

simple braid

When your braid is the desired length, add a small elastic if you'd like. Clip the flower on the braid, securing it with the hair that is down.

simple braid

Simple and sweet! We've included a list of flowers and clips we recommend for this look.

Original Grosgrain Hair Bow

Little Animal Print Flower Clips

Oversized Double Layer Hand Crochet Flower Clip

Petite Tropical Flower Clippie

Petite Rose and Zebra Clippie

Tulle Cheetah Flower Clip

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