Simple Queen Elsa Dress

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We get calls and emails non-stop about those lovely Frozen girls. "How do I make a Princess Anna dress?" "What shade of tulle do you recommend for Elsa?" "Can you just sell me an Elsa dress? I can't find them anywhere!!" 

No, we cannot sell you an Elsa dress. That's illegal. We can't sell you anything with their names or faces on it. Sorry!

But we CAN teach you how to make something that looks sort of like Elsa's dress. It's not going to be exact... Disney made that dress pretty complicated what with all the different shades of white, aqua, and turquoise. And it's almost impossible to make an icy looking cape. But we are doing our best to create a couple ideas for you that may satisfy your daughter!

We first crafted these lovely Elsa and Anna dresses out of crochet headbands and tulle.

diy tutu dress

We haven't posted the tutorial on them because we are having a really hard time keeping our crochet headbands in stock. I have been hesitant to post a tutorial if you can't find the materials. So I decided to play around with another option, and I really like the results!

This dress is aqua. The dress in the movie looks aqua to me, but for some reason, the internet keeps showing us DIY turquoise dresses. So if you prefer a turquoise dress, just adjust the colors... but I really like this aqua look. This look is actually taking a romper and adding a custom ribbon tie tutu. So it isn't actually a dress, but it sure is lovely, isn't it?!

diy tutu dress

-Aqua petti romper
-White/silver cape
-Two rolls of light blue shimmer tulle
-Two rolls of aqua tulle

Use the instructions for our simple ribbon tie tutu, only use a long strand of shimmer white tulle instead of a ribbon. I don't recommend using regular tulle as the waistband since it's too delicate and may tear. The shimmer tulle is thicker and can handle the weight of the tutu. If you don't have shimmer tulle and don't want to buy it, you can always use a ribbon.

This tutu was made for a 4 year old, so I made the waist 20 inches. I added a foot or so to either side to account for the tie. See our size guide if you need help with measurements. Just always add around two feet to each side so you can securely tie the tutu on your daughter.

diy tutu

To determine the length, it's best to measure one of your daughter's dresses or pant legs. Since I was crafting this for some unknown model, I cut my strips of tulle a touch over 48 inches so that my tutu would be about 24 inches long. I alternated a strip of aqua tulle and then a strip of light blue shimmer tulle. I didn't want my dress to look striped, but I wanted a touch of shimmer to be throughout the dress. It turned out beautiful!

Add an embellished waistband if you'd like. I attached a snowflake rhinestone to a shimmer shabby flower, and glued that to an alligator clip. I clipped in on to a few long strands of shimmer tulle. I thought it was a nice finishing touch.

diy tutu

Once it's complete, have your daughter first put on the romper. Then tie the tutu around her waist (tie in the back) and then the embellished waistband over the tutu. Then add the cape!

The outfit turned out beautiful. I love this idea instead of a dress for several reasons. She has some built in shorts so she is comfortable playing in the outfit, it was a cinch to make, and this allows for the perfect fit.

If you've seen a million Elsa tutorials floating around but don't have time for the elaborate designs, this is the way to go! It's stunning but you can whip it up during a naptime. If you've never made a tutu before, you may be a bit slower, but I created this in about an hour.

Oh, and if you caught a glimpse of that necklace and think your daughter would love it, you can get it for $7.99. Or leave a comment to win one! Leave a comment for an entry, pin the aqua Elsa dress for an extra entry. Be sure to leave a comment that tells us you pinned it! We will announce a winner on Thursday, June 12.

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