Simple Garden Fairy Costume

I love a good tutu dress costume just as much (probably more) than the next guy. But sometimes a simple costume is needed. Sometimes life is busy and we can't be bothered with crafting a costume. I feel ya!

simple fairy costume

This costume is precious and SO EASY TO THROW TOGETHER!!

And as a bonus, everything can be ordered from our website. The entire costume can be ordered in one spot. That's a win! Choose your own colors if you'd like, but I'm going to list what I used.

-Silver Petti Romper

-Lavender Pettiskirt

-Purple Fairy Wings

-One Toddler Satin Elastic Headband

-Four silver and four lavender Vintage Blossoms (you can choose any flower clip you'd like)

Clip the vintage blossom flowers around the headband to create a floral halo. I didn't go all the way around, I just clipped them around 3/4 of the headband. (We have an old tutorial here if you want more details.)

simple garden fairy costume

Isn't it sweet? Nothing is better for a little girl than a fluffy skirt and a pair of wings! And nothing is better for mama than a simple costume that her daughter adores!

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