Simple First Princess Dress

Here we are again, with another great costume idea that is perfect for Halloween or birthday parties. 

diy princess tutu dress

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of the character or type of princess your daughter wants to be, you can create it.

Using the steps from the Beautiful Ball Gown tutorial, you can put together a basic tutu dress. Customize it by choosing specific colors, accessories, and adding recognizable details to the dress.

The dress shown above was made using a lavender crochet headband. I attached a layer of white tulle around the dress, then a layer of pansy tulle on top. By bunching and tying sections of the pansy layer, it made the dress have beautiful drapes and appear to be extra fluffy. I weaved a strand of white tulle through the bodice to add a little extra interest to the top. This outfit was completed with a sweet purple and lavender chunky bead necklace. I seriously love this dress. Not just because I made it, but because it turned out so beautiful. I can tell how good a dress is by the reaction I get from the model. This was a winner!

If you're crafting your own tutu dress and have questions along the way, feel free to email me for help. Ruffles(@) (just remove the parenthesis)

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