Simple Easter DIYs

Don't you love the colors of Spring? They lend themselves so nicely to crafting and home decor. I've compiled a list of beautiful and simple Easter crafts that you can make for your family without spending a fortune or taking a bunch of time.

simple easter diy

All of these tutorials use tulle for their main supply. The soft texture and beautiful shades make tulle a perfect fabric for these simple crafts. And at $2.69 per roll, it's extremely affordable!

1. Tutu Easter Baskets - These are one of those "duh" crafts. It's so easy, why didn't we think about this sooner?? What little girl wouldn't love having this as her basket? And think about the possibilities for decor!

2. No-Sew Ribbon Tie Pastel Tutu - Ribbon tie tutus are the way to go! You can make them completely custom- from the waist size to the tulle length and even the colors. This is the sweetest little tutu and oh-so-fluffy!

3. Tulle Puffs - We use these ALL THE TIME. They are lovely in the backdrop of photos, they look great in a nursery, and they are perfect party decor. Make them any size you want and in any color your theme needs.

4. Tulle Bunny Tail - I know, right?! Precious. You use the tulle puff tutorial and leave a band to tie it around her waist. You can trim the band and safety pin it on if that's more your style. We love having ours as a belt that she can wear whenever she's playing pretend.

5. Tulle Bows - Wouldn't these be precious with her Easter dress?? Simple to whip up, you're going to want to make one in every color!

Tulle is such an inexpensive product and it lends itself so nicely to tons of crafts. Have fun with your crafting this Spring! Show us what you come up with. 

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