Simple DIY PICC Line Covers

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On top of all the medical drama you're going through, you get the news that you need to get a PICC line placed. Lovely.

"Don't get it wet!"
"Keep it clean!"
"No dirt! No sweat!"
"Keep it covered AT ALL TIMES!"

Your nurse instructs you to get a small collection of PICC line covers to keep your lines covered and safe. You go online to order a few and collapse with sticker shock! Why should you have to spend so much money on something so depressing and... well, NOT FUN!

One of our lovely customers found an affordable and CUTE solution.

She loaded up on a collection of our legwarmers and fashioned them into a colorful selection of PICC line covers. It took her a few bucks and a few minutes.

So many tutorials out there require you to crochet or knit, or even sew the edges of fabric. What if you want something easier and quicker?

Just cut the legwarmer to size (use the freebie one that the nurse gave you as a template) and you're all set.

A few tips from our friend:

1. The animal prints ones don't have as much give and don't stretch much, so unless you have tiny arms, I don't recommend those.
2. Cutting off the frill at the bottom gives you at least one cover per legging.
3. If the legwarmers are tight along the seam, cut the seam off. I kept mine on but it really depends on your arm size.
4. If the variety you're looking at comes in two sizes, you can get the large size and actually make two covers per legwarmer. For example, I could make 4 covers out of one pair of large Halloween legwarmers. (Y'all, that is 4 covers for $3.99!) The size is just right to cover the PICC dressing without overtaking my whole arm.
5. Some have more stretch than others. If you're worried about the stretch, I'd recommend the polka dot ones and the Halloween ones. The cuff that the PICC nurses give you is pretty loose so if you prefer that, these are right up your alley. I prefer them to fit nice and snug though. These varieties still work for me, but other varieties (like the chevron print) are a bit more snug.

Basically we recommend ordering a selection of different sizes and prints. You can always return them (prior to cutting them, of course!) if they are too tight, loose, or just feel odd. Chances are, you're trying to figure out what you want at this point, so it might be nice to have a selection of different sizes and stretches on hand. Some people like having that secure feeling of having a tighter fitting PICC line cover, others feel claustrophobic and prefer a loose cover.

I'm sorry that you're going through a health issue that requires a PICC line. But if we can make the process any easier, cheaper, or cuter, we are glad to help. Please be sure to Pin the image above so that this information is easy to find for all of our friends who are in the same uncomfortable boat.

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