Simple Cat Costume

We are all about easy Halloween costumes here! We have enough chaos in our lives to spend hours searching for a costume or creating an extravagant outfit.

This cat costume is a pice of cake and your daughter will look adorable in it!

diy cat costume

Supplies Needed:

Black and Purple Tutu Dress

Black Wrapped Grosgrain Hard Headband

Black and Purple Legwarmers
Black Felt

Purple Felt



Extra thick chenille stick

Gather your scissors, glue, felt, and headband. You can use our template (below) for the cat ears or create your own.

Cut out the template so you can easily trace the shapes. Trace and cut out four black parts and two purple parts. Again, feel free to design your own ears if you'd like them bigger or smaller. We played around with a few sizes and liked this one!

Glue the purple triangles to the center of the black ears.

diy cat costume

Now you'll need to glue the black parts together. Use one plain black piece of felt and one piece with the purple triangle already attached.

ONLY glue the triangle portions together. Leave the bottom tabs unglued.

diy cat costume

To attach the ears to the headband, you'll need to warp the black tabs around the headband and glue it into place. This will ensure that your ears will stand up straight!

diy cat costume

diy cat costume

Good? Now just attach the other ear and you have an adorable set of cat ears!

diy cat costume

Now it's time for the tail. You'll need your tutu dress and your extra thick chenille stick. We found our chenille stick at our craft store. If you're unable to find an extra thick one, you can get a regular one and wrap it with marabou.

Cut your tail to size. You may want to hold it up to your daughter so you can see what works best for her. I think ours turned out to be about 18" long.

Loop the end of the tail through the crochet top. You'll want to select a hole that is in the back, bottom portion of the bodice. Select another hole and pull it through an inch or two. Twist it around itself like a twist tie.

diy cat costume

diy cat costume

Now just shape your tail into a cute kitty design and you're all set!

diy cat costume

-Cat ears template

-Tutu Dress


-Hard headband

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