Simple Candy Corn Costume

It isn't Halloween without pumpkins, ghosts, and candy corn! That's exactly what we've got coming your way the next few posts. Today we'll show you a candy corn costume that is so sweet, you'll get a cavity!

diy halloween costume

There is very little crafting involved with this costume, and you cannot beat the price!!

Supplies Needed:
White Hard Headband
White Ostrich Puff
White Tulle
Orange 8" Crochet Headband
Yellow Tutu
Yellow Lace Trim Legwarmers

The only thing you'll need to purchase from your craft store is a spool of tulle. Everything can be found on our website at our everyday low prices!

Cut your tulle into 6" strips. I'm not sure how many strips we ended up using, but there will be two stripes in each hole of one row. I'd just cut a stack and tie them on, then cut more as needed.

We don't have any pictures of this process, but I promise you won't need them. All you're going to be doing is tying each strip of tulle in a knot. Choose the second row from the top and loop the tulle through the hole. Now tie it, pulling it upward so all of the tulle is sticking up. Tie two strips in each hole, but tie them individually so that they lay flat. Tying them at the same time will create a large knot and it won't look cute!

Continue all around the headband until the entire row is full. THAT IS IT!

Now just put your cute little outfit together and you have a candy corn!

diy halloween costume

Adorable, sweet, easy, and cheap!

-Hard Headband
-Ostrich Puff
-8" Crochet Headband

-Lace Trim Leggings

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