Shabby Necklace

I am absolutely in love with today's tutorial. We have seen a lot of crafting done with our shabby flowers, but this is one of my favorite things!

A shabby necklace.

diy necklace

This necklace can be made in about 20 minutes and you can completely customize it to fit your style.

diy necklace

The only things I needed to create this necklace were a pair of scissors, a glue gun, a sheet of felt, 5 shabby flowers, and a chain. You can use any style of chain you'd like, but I thought the ball chain was pretty. I may try another chain with a different selection of flowers sometime.

Trim all of the tulle from the edges of the shabby flowers. They come to us in long spools sewn on to tulle. It's a bummer that you have to trim them but it allows us to keep our prices super low for you. It only takes a couple seconds, I promise!

Arrange the flowers on the felt the way you'd like the necklace to hang. Be sure you don't spread them out too much because the chain will end up looking weird. It helps to lay them out and then hold the felt up to your chest to see how it'll actually look. Once you're satisfied with their placement, glue them down to the felt. On the two end flowers, leave some space for where you will attach the chain.

Trim the felt down so that none of it is visible from the front side of the necklace. If you notice any flowers that weren't glued completely to the felt, be sure to fix them.

Cut your chain to size. I cut an 18" length of chain and then cut it in half so that each end of my chain was about nine inches. Because you are able to attach the clasp to any end of a ball chain, the cut is super easy. If you're using another kind of chain, be careful how you cut it!

Stick the end of the chain between the last flower and the felt and glue it in place. Use a lot of glue, it would be really embarrassing if it broke while you were wearing it! Then glue the other side.

The end! Your necklace is done. It's beautiful, it's custom, and it totally fits your style!

diy necklace

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