Red, White, and Blue Tutu Dress Tutorial

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For this Red, White, and Blue "Little Miss America" tutu dress we are welcoming back Nicole Weldon from The Local Hummingbird! Nicole teamed up with our adorable Brand Rep Henleigh and her mama for this dress. Henleigh modeled it and her mom Samantha photographed it for us, and we think the results could not be any more adorable! Make sure to follow Henleigh on Instagram! Thank you Nicole, Henleigh, and Samantha - y'all are a dream team!  Henleigh is ready to celebrate Independence Day in style, and we've included the details to make your own patriotic tutu dress for the 4th of July! (Not the DIY type? You can always head over to The Local Hummingbird for beautiful custom tutu dresses crafted by Nicole. Or check out our amazing selection of ready to wear boutique 4th of july outfits!)

All supplies are from The Hair Bow Company and all crafting expertise is courtesy of The Local Hummingbird.


Lined red crochet top

Shabby Stars for embellishing


Red, White, and Blue Tulle by the Roll


DIY Patriotic Tutu Dress Tutorial

1. Start with the front of crochet top facing towards table with seam (back) facing crafter.

2. Begin to brick weave the 20" strips into desired pattern. Complete 4 rows for fullness.

3. The pattern I chose was the following from bottom to top:

Layer (4) Solid blue

Layer (3) Blue and White (Every other)

Layer (2) White and Red (Every other)

Layer (1) Solid Red


DIY Patriotic Tutu Dress Tutorial

4. Now add the sash (like previous creations). For this tutu dress I chose to do 3 strips of 36" (one yard each).

5. I then added and placed shabby stars as desired. Get creative and feel free to place anywhere and everywhere... this creation can not have enough dazzle!

DIY Patriotic Tutu Dress Tutorial


All supplies are available here at The Hair Bow Company

Crafting by The Local Hummingbird

Model Photography by Henleigh & her Mama


All crafting process photos by The Local Hummingbird

Red Tutu Skirt

Blue Tutu Skirt

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