Pirate Party

Last year I made this precious pirate costume and posted the tutorial on our blog. It has been viewed A LOT. I'm not surprised, honestly. It is adorable!!

diy pirate tutu dress

So I busted that dress out again and we planned a little pirate party to help inspire you when you're planning yours!

Food ideas:

- Goldfish in all shapes and sizes. Some stores even have whales or sharks.

- Green or blue sour straws. They look a whole lot like seaweed!

- Gold wrapped candies. I even put a pile at the base of our wooden pelican to look like a treasure pile!

- Sand dollar cookies. Just roll sugar cookie dough balls in cinnamon sugar, flatten, lay five almond slices on top. Bake for 3 minutes, pull the pan out and slightly push the almonds into the cookies to be sure they get baked in, and put the pan back in the oven to finish baking.

- Fish shaped gummies.

- Blue drinks.

- We also had blue jello but ran out of space on the table!

simple pirate party

The dollar store sells mini glass fish bowls that work perfectly for snacks. I found them by the candles, not with the other vases.

Later we changed out all the decor and costumes and created a fabulous mermaid party. You'll see those pictures in a future post!

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