Pink Ladybug with DIY Antennae Headband

I don't really understand why, but ladybugs seem to be a popular Halloween costume. Maybe it's because every little girl loves to wear wings. And because every child looks adorable with fake antennae. Whatever the reason, those little bugs seem to be all over the place.

simple diy ladybug costume

We are doing our part to help with the ladybug madness. This simple costume was put together using products from our website. The only DIY item is the antennae headband. The only things you should need to buy from another store are the two black pipe cleaners.

The outfit consists of a pink leotard, black pettiskirt, pink and black striped legwarmers, pink ladybug wings, a hard headband, and some shocking pink tulle.

simple diy antennae

To create the antennae, you will basically just create two tulle puffs and attach them to a head headband with pipe cleaners. I took a pipe cleaner and folded it in half over the headband. I twisted it all the way up and then wrapped the ends around the center of the tulle puff. This made the antennae a little stronger than if it was just one straight pipe cleaner.

If you need other costume ideas, visit our Costume Making Guide. If you need help while you're crafting, email me directly at

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