Pettiskirts vs. Tutus

Do you know the difference between a pettiskirt and a tutu? Maybe. But if you're reading this, then you probably have some sort of question regarding the two.

pettiskirt and tutu

On a daily basis we hear people use the terms interchangeably. We can usually determine what they are actually wanting based on context clues, but not always.

"I want that aqua tutu for my daughter. It'll look so soft and fluffy in her newborn photos." Nope. This customer actually wants a pettiskirt.

"I need to get my friends matching pettiskirts for our upcoming 5K. We'll be doing an obstacle course in the mud and thought it would be fun to wear hot pink!" Nope. Definitely a tutu.

So let's talk about it.


Pettiskirts are incredibly soft and fluffy. They are made with chiffon (or similar material). They are PERFECT for photoshoots, birthday parties, or dress up.

what is a pettiskirt

Our premium pettiskirts come in solid colors. We have a few animal print pettiskirt options, and we occasionally have seasonal two-tone skirts. We have sizes up to eight years old!

The skirts come with a soft, thin lining... though the skirt is so soft, you really don't need it! The waistband is elastic and can be stretched a bit as needed. Sizing is pretty accurate on these skirts, so no need to order a size up.

We have seen these skirts sold for up to $80!!! Not here! You can get our always-popular premium pettiskirt for $15.99. I KNOW!


Tutus are made of tulle, which makes them a bit more rough and straight. These are still a great option for photoshoots, birthday parties, or dress up. They make great additions to Halloween costumes and work perfectly in fun runs.

what is a tutu

We have tons of affordable tutu options! (Solid Color Basic Tutu, Baby Tutu, Girl & Teen Tutu, Adult Tutu, Tiered Tutu, Collegiate Tiered Tutu, Multi Colored Tiered Tutu, Sparkle Tutu, Polka Dot Tutu)

All of our tutus have an elastic waistband with a decent amount of give. They are an extremely economical choice and are durable enough to last! All of our tutus are under five dollars, and many are under four dollars.

So how do I choose?

If you are still unclear, we can help you. Call us or send us a message with your needs, and we can try to pick the perfect product for you. I'll list some of the top needs we hear and try to help clarify which product you might need.

-My daughter is having a photoshoot. Well we think that pettiskirts photograph beautifully. Since they come in both soft and bright colors, we probably have a color to match the style of your shoot. With that said, we have seen some darn cute photos using just our basic solid tutu. My suggestion for newborns is always a pettiskirt. Most clothing is too large for them anyways, so the fluff of the skirt just drapes beautifully around a sleeping baby.

-My team/sorority needs matching items. Definitely tutus. We aren't going to have pettiskirts to fit your sorority. Plus, I really think that a $5 price point is much better for a group than a $16 price point. And most likely, the event you need them for will require a lighter, easier to wear skirt.

-My daughter is having a birthday party. Birthday parties are fair game for both pettiskirts and tutus. If you're looking for party favors, tutus are perfect. I don't know many people who are willing to spend $16 per guest on a party favor... so pettiskirts aren't really a reasonable option for that. If you're interested in something for the birthday girl, both would work! The theme may help narrow down your choice based on our styles and colors available. Another great option is to buy a pettiskirt for the birthday girl and buy coordinating tutus for all of the guests. They'll all feel like princesses, but your birthday girl will still stand out.

-My adult friends are doing a 5K/holding a benefit/making costumes. Our adult tutus are the right choice. With sizes from small through XXL, we have a tutu for everyone. Yes, even the men. (And oh how we love seeing those pictures!) Need to buy adult tutus in bulk for your charity event? We can do that.

If you don't see a tutu that fits your needs, visit our Costume Guide for tons of tutorials to make your own tutu or tutu dress. We also sell a Tutu Making Kit to help with instructions and supplies. I really hope this guide helps. If anything is unclear or you still have questions, just ask!

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