Peacock Tutu Dress

I really only have two words to describe this dress. 

Absolutely gorgeous.

So gorgeous, in fact, that we turned one of the photos into a giant canvas and hung it on the wall in our office so we can gaze at it every single day. That's not weird... we are just enjoying our craft.

a person in a blue dress

I don't have step by step instructions for this dress because I was just experimenting as I went along.

Here are some basic tips:
-Pick your colors of tulle. I chose two Turquoise, two Deep Purple, two Teal, and one AM Beauty (for the accent).
-Get a crochet headband that will fit. Mine is the 8" crochet headband in eggplant. I would have used the lined version but we didn't have that product when I created this dress.
-Use the tutorial to create a tutu dress. Instead of doing one solid color, alternate between the three colors.
-I attached the shortest strand in the front and the longest strand in the back. The front is a 29" strand, folded in half to make it about 14" long. The back is a 45" strip, folded in half to make it about 22" long. MAKE THE DRESS TO FIT YOUR DAUGHTER. Measure the length of her pants to get the right length, don't just follow my measurements!
-After the front and back were attached, I just filled in the rest. When the entire dress was made, I hung it up and trimmed it so that it faded the way I liked.

I was going to stop here because it was beautiful. However something kept nagging me and telling me that the dress needed a little something extra. So I cut short strips of pink tulle (I think about 5-6") and tied a strip to the bottom of each strand. OH MY! Great decision!


We also added a hot pink nagorie feather headband for an extra pop of pink... plus it is a beautiful feather.

I hope you loved the tutorial! If you are interested in other costume ideas and free tutorials, check out our Costume Making Guide. And if you're working on a dress and need some help, you can email me directly at ruffles(at) (Remove parenthesis.)

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