Over the Rainbow Headband

We recently stumbled upon a customer's photography website and saw that she was creating some amazing baby headbands with our crafting flowers. So we sent her an email and begged her to do a tutorial for us! She must've been feeling extra kind that day, because she agreed.


You don't have to replicate this exactly. The point is to show that you can mix and match flowers and colors to create a completely custom look that YOU love. Miranda chose to create a headband that coordinated with our new Pastel Rainbow Tutu for a photoshoot she had coming up.

Supplies (links at the end of the post)

1 large shabby flower

2 petti flowers

1 decorative rhinestone flower center

1 satin elastic headband

1 curly ostrich puff (optional)

All supplies can be purchased for about $7.76. This headband took less than 5 minutes to make and using the optional clip on puff, you have 2 different styles!

Gather your supplies and play with the design a bit. Once you figure out how you'd like everything to lay, start your glue gun! You'll see on step 7 and 8 that she glued the edges of the petti flowers together so it would lay nicely on the headband.

Miranda used elastic headbands, but you can always use a girls crochet headband and attach you flower or bows with clips instead of glue for a look you can change up! 

packaged goods

This rainbow couture bow is perfect with the new pastel rainbow tutu and petti tank top! She even took a sweet photo to show the end product with a coordinating outfit!

a doll with a flower on its head


- large shabby flower

- petti flowers

- decorative rhinestone flower center

- satin elastic headband

- curly ostrich puff

- crafting flowers


- Pastel Rainbow Tutu

- Petti Tank Top

Visit MHC Photography on Facebook to see her work. Check out all the headbands in her photos for inspiration.

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