Mommy & Me Outfits and Dresses – Creating Amazing memories with your daughter!

Mommy & Me Outfits and Dresses 

Mommy and Me Outfits and Dresses from The Hair Bow Company

We all know that dressing up like her mom is one of our daughter’s favorite things to do. And here at The Hair Bow Company, we are loving this new trend. Being a part of helping you create amazing memories with your daughters is what it is all about for us! And matching mommy & me outfits don’t have to be just for holidays - we have every day mommy & me dresses, shirts and even some adorable fun leggings! Some of the best memories happen on unsuspecting, boring days! 

Our trendy outfits & tutus look great on both moms and daughters alike! We’ve worked with some amazing bloggers, as well as our photographer to create some adorable mother daughter photo sessions and looks, and we are so excited to share them with you!

We have a little something for every style, so no matter what you are looking for you can create a lifetime memory!

Check out our entire mommy & me outfits and see our top picks too!

Here are our top 5 favorite mother daughter looks this year:

1.Mama Llama & Drama Llama –

Our amazing photographer Allie & her daughter Ava let their personalities shine at this photo shoot and we just love it!

Llama print Mommy & Me outfits

2.Boho Lace mommy & me dresses –

Blogger Mae from The Gospel of Beauty proved that dressing up like mommy doesn’t mean they have to match exactly! She picked chic looks for herself and her daughter that complimented each other and both wore trendy lace dresses. Her daughter is wearing our vintage lace dress in ivory and they are both wearing some of our favorite headbands. They headed to downtown and had a fun afternoon they will never forget!

Boho Mom/Daughter Dresses and style ideas


3. Mom & Daughter Chicken dresses & chicken rompers –

These adorable sisters loved dressing up like one another! And we even offer a fun, trendy look for mom to match! We haven’t been able to keep these on the shelves and love that you love them as much as we do!

Mommy and Me Chicken Print Dresses and Outfits

4. Mommy & me tutus

Another favorite look is by blogger Valerie who wrote this amazing article on her blog Val Around Town and created some really great memories with her daughter while dressing up in matching Mommy & Me tutus. Aren’t they simply adorable??? Don’t you need a tutu to dress up with your daughter? Grab one for a tea party, fun run or even a fun filled grocery store trip! We have tutus for babies, girls, and teens. Our adult tutus are available in several sizes too, including a plus size tutu!

Mommy and Me Tutus


5. Baseball shirts for moms & girls & even brothers too –

We love it when we can keep brothers in the fun too! And how adorable and easy to spot will your kiddos be at the ball park when they are dressed like you?!?

Matching baseball shirts for moms and kids.

You can have so much fun matching your daughter anywhere and we hope some of these adorable ideas inspired you to grab a matching outfit, a camera, and dress up with your daughter and have fun!

Shop the mommy & me collection and get started! Our mommy & me typically starts at 12m and up, but we do have an entire collection of baby girls clothes to coordinate if you have an itty bitty one too! You can also coordinate your outfit to your daughters dresses or your babies onesie!

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