Mommy and Me Clothing: 10 Great Outfit Inspirations



Mommy and Me Clothing: 10 Great Outfit Inspirations


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"Every woman becomes like their mothers," wrote Oscar Wilde. His popular comic play "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a satire on Victorian life in London. Wilde didn't anticipate the fashion of wearing matching mommy and me clothing but what an interesting variation on his idea.

Matching mother-daughter outfits can be fun and cute. If you're looking for the perfect mommy and me outfits, read on for 10 great inspirational ideas.

1. Color Matching

It's easy to find matching opportunities with color. You can coordinate without being obviously trying to be twins. Choose to tone together rather than go for exact matches.

Look for a theme to coordinate your outfits. Using the same colors albeit in different materials and tones can look great. Just as you might put together a blue or pink theme in your own outfit, simply extend this theme to your child's outfit.

If you would like to go for a stronger combination, the fashion industry tends to use the same palette across different manufacturers and designers. You will find the same colors used for kids wear and adult outfits. Match colors and materials for the full-on mommy and me look.

2. Matching Tops

If the full matching outfit is too much for you, don't go all the way. Finding matching tops is easy and they can look less contrived.

Many brands have a sweatshirt or T-shirt in children and adult sizes. Look for a distinctive color and logo to coordinate with each other. T-Shirt slogans can also be a great way of sharing a unified look.

Some children's brands have size ranges that go large enough for some moms to wear. They may be cheaper than adult brands too. You can find kids wear tops in different styles but the same fabric for a coordinated, rather than identical, look.

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3. Dress Sense

Special occasions call for a special outfit. This is when it might be worth investing a little more in making mommy and me outfit ideas a reality. Weddings, birthdays, and parties of all kinds are perfect for showing off a little.

If you would wear a special dress then why not have a matching mommy and me outfit. Each dress might have to be age appropriate but share fabric, themes, and motifs. If you can make a dress or have one made, make another one for your daughter.

4. Top Coats

When the weather dictates a warm coat or a raincoat you have the ideal opportunity for mommy and me fashion. Matching trench coats are an obvious idea because the trench coat is such an enduring fashion item you are sure to find one for both of you. Pair the trench coat with matching hats, scarves, and gloves and you have an integrated look.

You don't have to stop with a trench coat combo. What about leather jackets, bomber jackets or denim jackets. These are all common enough items for adults and kids that you will be able to find a match.

5. Sporty

Everybody wears sportswear. Here's a chance for moms and kids to share the sports and the clothes too. Doing an activity with your kid is fun and healthy, too.

Look for sweatshirts and sweatpants in colorfully coordinated styles that are not too figure hugging. They are forgiving and comfortable. For the more body confident, the choice of Lycra tops and bottoms is huge and includes all sizes.

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6. Hats and Hair Stuff

Changing hairstyles and adding hair accessories is a fun way of creating a distinctive new look. If you and your daughter do this at the same time, you can have double the fun. Almost anything you do has an impact because you are both doing it.

Tie it back, put it in bunches, hide it under a beanie. Add a neat bow or a colorful hair slide. Introduce some curls or a glittery cap.

7. PJs and Onesies

Bedtime routines are really important for children. They help create the security they need and prepare them for restful sleep. This is important for moms too as any weary new mother will tell you.

What your child wears for bed is part of that bedtime routine. Finding comfortable clothing that you both like is not always easy. Here's an opportunity for mommy and me enthusiasts.

Matching pajamas and onesies are a great way of sharing a look without taking it out into the street. Look for comfort and practicality first and foremost. You won't want to go to bed without them. Here are our baby onesies.

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8. What About the Boys?

How can you share the mommy and me outfit fashion with your son? Surely this is just something for mothers and daughters. Well, you'd be wrong.

There are many ways in which the mommy and me concept works for boys, too. Try wearing matching sports team shirts. More masculine styles such as camouflage and construction worker wear are cool for moms and sons.

Match shades and caps. Pair up wristbands. Scarves and gloves are winter pairing opportunities.

9. And Daddy Came Too

If pictures of mommy and me in coordinated outfits make you wonder about where dad is when the fun is happening, don't despair. Dads should be part of the childcare.

Several of these ideas work for dads, too. Coordinated sweat tops and sports gear are obvious ideas. How about matching denim shirts, cargo shorts, and logo T-shirts?

10. Accessory Action

Choosing accessories to go with a new look can make a nice outfit into an amazing one. They also offer the more reluctant moms a way into the mommy and me outfit fashion without being too obvious. The options are as plentiful as the types of accessories out there.

Wearing matching jewelry can be subtle and personal. A heart-shaped locket containing matching photographs of you and your child can be a treasured belonging forever. The chain length can be adjusted as your child grows.

Even if the rest of the outfit doesn't match exactly, try matching shoes such as sneakers or sandals. If the overall style is coordinated, matching shoes can bring the pairing together.

11. Tutus

Every girl love dresses up with mom! A matching tutu skirt can be fancy, fun, or playful! Perfect for a photo session, or just having fun together. We have all sorts of colors when it comes to tutu skirts:

Red tutu

Blue tutu

Pink tutu

White tutu

Black tutu

Have Fun

Dressing up and fashion is all about having fun. Mommy and me clothing ideas are a way of sharing an interest in fashion. Have fun together.

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