Minion Tutu Dress

What do you do when your daughter wants a fluffy dress for her Halloween outfit, but doesn't want to be a princess? No problem. We have the perfect costume in mind!

diy minion tutu dress

I can think of quite a few little kids who are obsessed with minions these days. You will be a hero when you whip this costume out for her!

Even better? This dress could not be easier!

diy minion tutu dress

Gather all of your supplies. You'll need two spools of royal blue tulle, a spool of royal blue 7/8" grosgrain ribbon, a lemon yellow crochet headband (I used 8" lined), a black 1.5" crochet headband, felt (gray, white, brown, black), glue, scissors, a measuring tape, and a crochet hook. (Check out our Tutu Making Kit for some of these extras!)

Cut your tulle to size. My dress was for a five year old and I wanted that skirt to be about 15" long. I found a box that was 15.5" long and wrapped my tulle around, then cut one end. This left me with strips of tulle about 31" long.

Push your crochet hook up through a square on the bottom row of the crochet headband, and then up through the next row. Take a look at picture two above to see the spot I chose. Pull a strand of tulle (folded in half) through that hole about an inch or two. Make a knot by pulling the ends of the tulle through the loop. (See pictures three and four if you need help.)

Continue all around the dress.

Go up a row (stay in the same "column") and attach the next layer like in picture five. Two rolls of tulle created almost two full layers. I had about four spots missing but nobody can tell! It wasn't worth it for me to get a whole other spool of tulle to complete those four holes.

I found a small box to act as a torso so I could see what my dress would look like. Find two holes in the front of the dress where a pair of suspenders might attach. Tie an end of the ribbon to each of those two holes. Leave the rest of the ribbon unattached in the back. Once your daughter is wearing the dress, pull the ribbon over her shoulders, cross it in the back, and loop the ribbon through holes in the back. I didn't tie the ribbon to those holes. Instead, I tied the ends together (like shoelaces) under the skirt. It stayed snug and I can adjust it if I need to use the dress again.

For the eye, I cut circles out of tulle. A large gray circle, a slightly smaller white circle, a brown circle (that one is hard to see in the picture), and then a slightly smaller black circle. Glue them together. Then stretch your black crochet headband out so it is about the size it will be when it's on the dress. (I just wrapped mine around a large Crayola box.) Carefully glue the eye in place.

Adorable, right? This tutu dress was such a hit! If you make it, please share a picture of your little minion with us!

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