Mermaid Party

I have created three mermaid tutu dress tutorials for you: a criss-cross mermaid tutu dress, a twirly mermaid tutu dress, and a simple mermaid tutu dress. If Pinterest is an good indicator, I'd say that you guys LOVE mermaid dresses! 

That would mean you'd like a good mermaid party too, huh?

mermaid party

Gather your green and blue shades of tulle and lets get this party started!

The wonderful thing about tulle is that it goes very well with a water theme. It's soft colors and translucent nature are beautiful compliments! So what all can you do with tulle?

1. Layer long strands of different green or blue shades along the food table. Be sure to weave it in and out of the bowls and plate.

2. Use tulle to hand Christmas ornaments. I used varying lengths and colors of tulle as well as varying colors of ornaments. I attached them to a suspension rod and hung it in a doorway to use as the back drop for a photobooth! Give the girls mermaid-type props to hold in the pics. (A fork to brush their hair, bubbles to blow, a hand mirror, a stuffed fish or lobster, etc.)

3. Create awesome jellyfish! Cut two small holes in the middle of a blue plastic bowl. Feed long strand of tulle through. (I used 6 strands of tulle. I folded them in half and fed either end through both holes so that there were 12 strands hanging down.) Loosely braid them, intertwining them a bit. Tie tight knots at the end and attach a long strand of tulle to the top for hanging.

diy mermaid tutu party

Food is pretty simple at a mermaid party. I bought small fish bowls at the dollar store and filled them with different flavors of Goldfish snacks.

I made sugar cookies that were coated in cinnamon sugar and pressed sliced almonds into them to make them look like sand dollars. I nestled them into a bucket and sprinkled crushed graham crackers around them to make it look like sand.

Green and blue sour straws were in a jar to look like seaweed.

I had a glass pitcher of blue juice (I think we used Gatorade). I tied mint Lifesavers around some twine to embellish the pitcher.

We also made sure to have some mermaid treasures around the table. Gold candies, a pile of forks, etc.

There is no need to be Queen Pinterest in order to throw a super fun themed party. Hit up the dollar store and the dollar section or Target. Use a bit of imagination! I tend to stick with a simple color scheme and work with a lot of solid colored items. No need to buy a mermaid themed tablecloth and cups and banner. Stick with solids so you can reuse them in the future!

The most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

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