Mermaid Dress Tutorial

DIY Mermaid Tutu Dress Tutorial


a girl in a dress

Halloween is just around the corner and we have the perfect costume for all the little mermaid Ariel's out there! Here is a step by step tutorial done by one of our awesome customers, Brittany.


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Supplies needed:



After gathering all your materials, step one is to measure out the length of how long you would like your tutu to be. I measured 10 inches for mine as my daughter is a little over 3 feet tall, it is the right length. I find it easier to find a book or piece of cardboard the same length as your tulle will need to be. 



Step two: I wrap the whole roll around the book and then cut on one side.






Now, do that step for all three rolls of tulle. (Or more or less depending on the length you want your skirt to be) you should have 2 piles of tulle when you are finished.(See picture one below.)


a person cutting a fabric


Step three: You take your green tutu top and you take one strip of tulle. Fold the tulle in half and thread the looped part through the first two spaces in your tutu top. 



TIP: I like to start at the seam on my top and I use the second row hole and first row hole in my tulle.

I placed the looped part through and then place the ends of your tulle through the loop and pull tight to make a knot. I used two kelly green pieces of tulle and one lime and alternated this pattern all around the first row.

I added two rows in my tutu skirt to give it a full look. So once you finish the first row repeat the same steps using the 3rd and 4th row holes in your tutu top.

When finished your tutu skirt should look like picture two below. 



The next step is to make your top for your outfit. 

Step four: I took a hot glue gun and glued my 2 folded petal fabric flowers in lavender on to the top of the tutu top to make it look like a mermaid top. Let it dry.

Step five: I took a red headband, my three shabby flowers and I hot glued the shabby flowers together and then glued them onto the headband. Final step was to glue the rhinestone in the center of the three flowers and you are all set to rock a mermaid outfit.

This is the finished headband and the finished outfit all together! 


a girl wearing a dress

Enjoy! Thanks to Brittany Pittack! :)

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