Making a Mermaid Tail

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Our customer, Margaret, contacted us in a panic after she ordered supplies from another company (shame on her!) and they held up her order. She told us about the mermaid themed birthday party she was planning. We sent her items right away and begged her to share photos with us.

diy mermaid tail

She didn't take step-by-step tutorial photos but she did write up a quick how-to for us!

Supplies for the long tails that will fit 3-5 year olds:

1 -10 inch lined crochet headband

2 - 8 inch crochet headband

Emerald tulle

Supplies for the smaller tails that will fit a 1-2 year old:

1 -10 inch lined crochet headband

Emerald nylon tulle
Sew tube top and headbands together to make the base of the tail. For the smaller tails, just use a 10" headband, don't sew any additional headbands to it.

On the bottom portion of the tail I put two pieces (makes the bottom look fuller) of cut 9" tulle together and looped and made a slip knot. You can be creative with the tulle to make it look more like a fin (with the tulle cascading down on the sides) but for the sake of time and making 13 of them, I just looped and knotted the tulle in a straight line around the headband. For the top of the tail to give another fin/waistband:
(I used this as a way to tie the tails on the girls). I used two pieces of arms length green tulle, put them together and looped it though the inside front to the outside front of the tail (you want to make it even on both sides). Then take one side around one hip and loop it through the back. Make it so some tulle is hanging out and do the same on the other side. Tie remaining hanging tulle into a cute bow.

Fluff up the tulle on all of the fins and tail is ready.

For the tops, items needed:

1 - colored 2.5 inch (or greater) crochet headband

2 - colored flower clips

Just attach the flower clips to the top in the appropriate spots. I also used ribbon and some extra tulle on some of the girls to create a halter top or straps to hold up their tops.

Pretty fun! Margaret made these for all of the party guests, which is absolutely amazing! This would be a great costume though, or perfect for a photobooth at a mermaid themed party!

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