Made With Love

We have heard so much positive feedback about our decision to be involved with the Changing the Faces of Beauty Campaign. Thank you! Thank you for telling your friends and talking about us on Facebook. Thank you for pinning their images on Pinterest and buying those products because "the children look so joyful!" Every word you speak about this mission brings so much joy to the parents and children involved in this campaign.

I wanted to post the original article that our customer, Lacey, wrote for our magazine. Lacey is the one who brought this campaign to our attention and challenged us to get involved. Thank you Lacey!!

made with love

It all started as a little girl. My family owned a department store. Having a very close relationship with my mother and sister, I always dreamed of having a daughter. The minute I found out I was having a girl, my crafty side jumped for joy. I first chose a shabby floral room decor in aqua and pink. My first real project, I decorated a plain lampshade and completely covered it with miniature rosettes. Similar to what you may see in a Pottery Barn catalog, but budget friendly and made with love. Everything I did, I added a loving touch to her bedroom.

As I organized her room, I daydreamed about all things girly that would fill my daughter's life: dresses, skirts, bows, shoes, ruffles, leggings, in all the most beautiful colors. I couldn't wait to meet my daughter. We would read, craft, have tea parties, play with dolls, paint our toes, dance, sing, cook, and love life. All things I enjoyed with my mother and sister in my childhood. We would be best friends.

It seems that you always make your own plan and you forget, God already has a plan for you. Shortly after birth, Savannah was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. At just one month old, she had brain surgery. It was extremely scary as a new mom. As my love was growing and my worries too, it never once stopped me from playing "dress-up" with my new, tiny and delicate, baby girl. It started with an obsession with bows and headbands. However, my favorite, barefoot sandals on her tiny little feet. I loved to add sweet girl accessories to her outfits.

Well, at only eight months old, Savannah decided to add her own accessory, pink glasses. Savannah was diagnosed with cortical visual impairment and is considered legally blind. It's a neurological processing visual impairment. It's extremely complex. I never once thought about how much vision impacts our lives, but it is an extreme motivator in all aspects. I do my best to give her all I can, both emotionally and physically.

My bow obsession continued to grow. My crafty bestie started making bows for her daughter and I followed in her footsteps. I loved the idea that I could make a bow to match any outfit, my own creation made with love. Each bow was different in color, size, shape, and style, just like every child. Bows turned into headbands, barefoot sandals, birthday shirts, Halloween outfits. Do I sound pretty talented right now? Well, I'm really not. I like easy crafts. Crafting is something I have always had a passion for doing, it just became a new outlet for me. A little mommy time to decompress from the never-ending doctor appointments, therapies, and stressful worries associated with Savannah's condition.

Raising a child with disabilities has truly blessed me. At three years old, she brightens my every day and makes me smile. I feel strongly about giving her all the same privileges I had growing up- experiences of all kinds, a beautiful wardrobe complete with bows, but most importantly, love. Everything I do, I do out of love for her.

My love for Savannah has inspired me to advocate for children with special needs. I want the world to see the beauty in my daughter and how raising a child with special needs is truly a beautiful thing. When people look at her, I want them to notice her beautiful eyes, her thick long lashes, her perfect lips, her rosy cheeks, her gorgeous dark hair, her infectious smile, all things that make her beautiful. My hope is that seeing her photo or reading her story will help others accept all children of all abilities. After all, she is a child like any other who is fiercely loved.

Lacey is the mommy to a beautiful, happy, sweet girl with hydrocephalus and cortical visual impairment. She feels blessed to be chosen for this journey and learns more about life every day. When she is not caring for her daughter, she enjoys crafting and spending time with family. You can read more on her blog.

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