Ladies & Gentlemen, Start Your Glue Guns!

We have hundreds of products available ready-to-wear on our website, but with a bit of creativity and a glue gun, the possibilities are endless. You can personalize, color-coordinate, or add some bling. We've snapped a few photos of how we think you can take a product and jazz it up a bit.

(Can we all just agree to not care about the photo quality on the blog? Maybe one day we'll get fancy with our pictures, for now we're focusing on flowers and pettiskirts!)

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diy hair accessoriesdiy hair accessories

Clockwise from the top left:

First up, a Rhinestone Centered Lace & Sequin Lily Flower Clip. Love the added bling on this one.
Lace & Sequin Lily + 18MM Rhinestone + Alligator Clip

Need a color-coordinated birthday hairbow? Try a Cupcake Original Hair Bow!
Original Grosgrain Hair Bow + Cupcake Resin

Here's an adorable Sports Kufi Hat, one of the few items perfect for a little boy
Toddler Kufi Hat + Sports Crochet Balls

Toddler bangs are always in the way, these Flower Alligator Clips are the perfect way to quickly clip them back.
Alligator Clip + Petite Tea Rose or Petite Tropical Flower or Crochet Flower or Crochet Daisy Flower

Kind of snazzy, huh? Think about all of the options with flower/tutu combinations... or personalization potential from monogrammed flower centers!

Browse the site and see what you can come up with, snap a few photos and send them our way. We'd love to show off your creations.

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