Lace Crown Headband

I have more lovely shots to show you from our summer party photoshoot! It was one day of food, outfits, and photos, and we have tons of things to show you!

beach party photos

Our goal, if you remember, is to show you that you can host a simple party for your daughter and some of her friends without breaking the bank, stressing out, or feeling the pressure to DIY everything! A few tiny projects, bright colored accessories, and fluffy skirts will definitely provide a super fun party. I promise!

If you look back up at the collage of photos, take notice of the sweet girl in the middle photo who is checking out the treat table. See her headband? When she laid eyes on that headband, it was love at first site! She immediately put it on and curtsied to her mom. It was adorable and we figured your daughter might also like one of these lovely headbands.

We sell those gorgeous lace crowns, only this is how you normally see them:

diy lace crown headband

Precious, yes. But if you have a 4 year old, you have no need for that. But look! Combine a newborn lace crown with a hard headband.

diy lace crown headband

diy lace crown headband

Instant princess! Just hot glue the crown to the headband in whatever position you'd like. I liked it a bit off centered so that it didn't quite sit on the top of our model's head.

This headband is perfect for photos, great for a birthday outfit, or fun for dress up!

-Newborn Lace Crown

-Wrapped Hard Headband

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