July 4th Flag Outfit... Three Ways!!

July 4th is the perfect time for a well coordinated outfit! Our two-tone lace petti romper in red and white lends itself beautifully to some cute 4th of july outfits!

diy flag outfit

Grab a petti romper (they come with a free coordinating headband, while supplies last!) and whatever bottom you'd like. You can get a simple solid basic tutu, which holds up really well during play time. You could choose a premium pettiskirt, which is super fluffy and would be perfect in a parade or photos. Or you could create your own DIY ribbon tie tutu.

We did all three!

To create this adorable ribbon tie tutu, just follow the instructions below. I love the addition of the shabby stars on the tulle!

1. Gather your supplies: Tulle, ribbon, shabby stars, scissors, and a tape measure. I used about three rolls of royal blue tulle. The amount you'll need will vary based on the length, waist size, and desired fullness. (Use our guide to help determine the best waist size for your tutu.)

diy tutu waist size chart

2. Cut your tulle to size. DOUBLE THE LENGTH! (For the 11" pieces, cut them about 22" long, etc.) I use a box that is the same length as the tutu I want to make. Wrap the tulle around the box, then cut only one edge. (Step 3) This will give you strands that are double the size, and that's exactly what you need.

4. Fold the tulle in half and hold it behind the ribbon. Begin about 2 feet into the ribbon to leave enough slack for the tie. Pull the ends of the tulle up and through the loop of tulle. Pull tight. The tighter you pull, the more strands of tulle you'll be able to fit on the ribbon. See steps 4-6 below for the exact way to tie the tulle if that was unclear. Attaching one strip at a time, work your way around the ribbon.

5. Once you're done, just embellish. I stitched some shabby stars around the tulle!

diy patriotic tutu

For more adorable 4th of July outfit ideas, we have a HUGE selection on our website!  

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