Jellyfish Costume

Lots of kids want to be animals for Halloween. We've seen cats, bunnies, and puppies... but have you ever seen a jellyfish?!

diy jellyfish tutu dress

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I mean really though! This little model was the sweetest little thing... nobody was scared of her little jellyfish sting!

So how do you make it? So easy, folks!

Gather your supplies.

*tulle - I used a mixture of blues and greens- get one spool in about four or five different colors

*petti romper - I used an aqua romper

*kufi hat - any shade of green or blue would work but I used sky blue

*7/8" grosgrain ribbon - I used turquoise but, again, use whatever shade of blue or green you want

This is just a basic ribbon tie tutu, but with the tutu braided. It takes a bit of time but it is super cute!

Cut a long strand of ribbon. I cut mine the length of the waist (usually about 21" for my models) plus four feet. I like the look of a big tied bow with the strands hanging. But you do what YOU like!

Determine how long you want your tutu to be. I wanted mine long so there would be plenty to braid. I cut my strands about 40" long so that they'd be 20" long once they were attached. The quickest way to cut a bunch of tulle is to wrap it around a flattened box and cut ONE end. I keep a 20" box on hand and use that often!

diy jellyfish tutu dress

Knotting the tulle is pretty simple. Fold a piece of tulle in half. Hold it behind the strand of ribbon and pull the ends of the tulle up and through the loop. Pull tight. The tighter you pull, the more tulle you'll be able to fit on the ribbon.I didn't do an extremely tight knot on this one. Select a new color and continue. I didn't go in a pattern on this dress. I wanted everything to look completely random, so I just added random colors in no particular order.

Once you have them all attached, it's time to make them look all twirly and fun!

simple jellyfish tutu dress

Hang your tutu so it's easier to work with. Create random braids. Don't take three strands that are next to each other, grab random bits so they overlap. Secure the bottom with a clear elastic band. You could knot the bottom (we did that in one of our mermaid dresses) but I didn't like how large the knots were. I wanted something smaller.

This style of tutu is so much fun. The kids love it! I'm sure you could think of plenty of way to incorporate it into other costumes.

If you need more costume ideas, check out our Costume Making Guide. If you have any questions while you're crafting, you can contact me directly at

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