Ice Queen & Princess Dresses

diy tutu dress

Your daughter wants these dresses, doesn't she? I know. They all do. You'll be her hero when you surprise her with one of these!

If anything is unclear, just ask and we will try to clear it up.

The trick to creating a great dress is to pay attention to the details. Both of these dresses have V fronts with beautiful waistbands. A little trickier to create, yes, but it makes all the difference! Adding a few embellishing flowers or rhinestones adds interest, but also helps you cover knots and ends of tulle.

In the ice queen dress, I used a light blue 10" lined crochet tutu top, a 2-3 rolls of turquoise tulle, and a couple rolls of white shimmer tulle. I also used some shimmer white shabby flowers and decorative rhinestones for embellishment.

diy tutu dress

Tip: A crochet hook makes tutu dress making MUCH easier.

I have been through the basics of tutu making plenty of times, so feel free to browse other posts for more instruction. You basically need to cut a strand of tulle TWICE the length that you want your dress. Fold it in half, pull the loop through a hole in the crochet headband, and then pull the tulle ends through that. This post has the best instructions for knotting the tulle.

Keep in mind that since this dress has a V front, your tulle will need to be cut in increasing lengths. For example, on this ice queen dress, the center strand was cut at 50 inches and the side strands were cut at 56 inches.

For the sleeves, I cut two SUPER DUPER (yep, that's a technical term) long strands of white shimmer tulle. I looped them through a center hole toward the top of the bodice and covered that loop with a rhinestone. Those strands were tied and clipped around the model once she put the dress on. The flower on the back is a white shimmer shabby flower glued to an alligator clip, with a rhinestone on top for extra bling. The long strands give the dress a simple cape. If you're looking for a more dramatic cape, we have those too!

diy tutu dress

Not into the queen? You daughter is more into the princess? Got it!

diy tutu dress

The ice princess dress was created with a black 10" crochet headband, 3-5 rolls of royal blue tulle (I crammed a lot of tulle on there!), a roll of lemon yellow tulle, and a few scraps of black tulle for the straps. I also used several scraps of kelly green tulle and red tulle flowers to embellish the dress. A cape was the finishing touch.

Use the same method as above to make this dress. I attached several extra strands of tulle along the V to make this dress extra fluffy. It made the waist look a little jagged and lumpy, but I knew I'd be covering it with a yellow waistband.

The straps are just a few strands of black and white tulle that I tied on to the front and back. Once you add the cape, you can't really see the straps, so don't feel like you need to spend a long time on them.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. You can also email us at and we can try to give you more personal help.

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