How to Make Tutu Flowers

A gigantic thank you to Astrid for her creativity! Check out her blog, Red Red Completely Red. She's pretty talented! Click here.

You've probably seen those tissue paper pom pom ball tutorials floating around on the internet. They are adorable and extremely easy to make. But craft blogger, Astrid, took that idea and made it even better!

diy tutu flower

She calls them Tutu Flowers, which sounds much cuter and is actually more accurate. These aren't spheres like the tissue pom poms, they look more like blooms.

Gather your supplies! You'll just need 2 tutus per flower, and a bit of string.

Roll a tutu up, holding the waistband together as you go.

diy party decor

Use the second tutu and wrap it around the first, again holding the waistband in place.

easy party decor

Secure the tutu flower using a short length of string, tied just below the waistbands.

tutu party decor

tutu party

You could also hang the flowers using this string. These would make lovely decorations for a baby girl's shower or little girl's birthday party. They can be easily unrolled and given to the mom-to-be or as party favors!

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